I think I have been in Sydney, at home, for maybe 4 weeks so far this year. The rest of it has been on road trips or overseas - and I'm not complaining, it has been amaaaazing! I'm eager to see what the rest of the year unfolds - at this rate, it could be absolutely anything.

Month 3 of my 12 months of new places was probably the most basic - we knew we had to go somewhere new, but in between getting caught in a cyclone in Samoa and planning our month-long trip to the US (where I originally hail from), we needed something cheap and fairly close, to be perfectly honest. 

Si suggested a trip out to the Sugar Pine Walk, which is near Batlow, NSW - which is 8 hours drive when you leave at 3PM on a Friday afternoon! Nonetheless, we arrived in Batlow around 11PM, set up camp at a random lookout (that turned out to be a beautiful sunrise spot!) and had a picnic of wine and warm-ish cheese before heading to sleep at about midnight.

It began to pour rain a couple of hours later, and we had to close the tent entirely to prevent the cold and wet from seeping in. We slept in the complete silence that you only find in the country, waking only when the light began to pour through, indicating sunrise was nearby. Also, Si's alarm that goes off every day, regardless of the situation. Blechhhh!

It was worthwhile. We were lucky enough to be awake and head off to the Sugar Pine Walk just at the sun rose slowly illuminating the trees. We spent as much time as we could there - until the sun disappeared and clouds regained control of the sky, unfortunately. But we had come a long way and seen this absolute beautiful location.

We drove east to Jervis Bay, my go-to happy place, only stopping in Yass, NSW for a laugh and to drop by the chemist and the loo, arriving at Hyams beach at 3PM - perfect time to avoid intense sun, but get some great photos and have a casual swim. 

Hung out there until about 6, when we relocated to Huskisson for the night; shot an absolutely amazing sunset, set up camp, had a few bevvies and called it a night. 

One of the less extravagant months but still worth talking about. An absolutely amazing spot at the Sugar Pine Walk.


Friendship Breakdowns Suck

Time just disappears I find. Every year, there is less time to hit the gym, keep up with your friends, family, eat clean, go to the shops. In order to manage your own life, you literally have to pull together a strategy and be fairly regimented. For me, the relationships with friends and family are at the top of my priority list, along with pursuing passions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Scoliosis Surgery - Part 1

Scoliosis has been something I have always thought to partially define me as a person, it has been such an influential part of my life since I was a child, I was scared to change what I have always known, but also terrified of the pain and recovery process, never having had surgery before. Prior to the surgery, I was so scared that I pushed it the bottom of my mind and it only hit me when I was in a gown, in an admission room and the nurse was inserting the cannular - I burst into tears. From then, to ICU and throughout my stay at North Shore Private, welcome to part I of my journey.

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