The Birthday Advent Calendar

Laying in bed last Sunday my boyfriend Simon rolled over and looked at me seriously. "It's entering my birthday week now..." he laughs. I smile. This is not a drill. I have carefully planned a birthday advent calendar.. he has a present a day coming through Saturday when we (his family, myself and our mates) have a surprise party planned featuring an extremely pricey custom-made cake (if you keep up with my Instagram stories you will know what the cake is) that is definitely the "cherry on top" pressie in so many ways! I will come back to each present at the end.

I came up with the surprise party idea about 7 weeks ago, thinking about what I could possibly do to even play in the same arena as Simon, who took me on the adventure to Asia in August for my birthday! It struck me that we are all so busy with our lives that we rarely get to have everyone get together for any reason - and I decided a surprise party with his nearest and dearest would be lovely! IF we could pull it off.

Now I am a terrible, terrible liar. I had to find a truth in every lie to keep myself from spilling the beans! All of our mates were fantastic in keeping it a secret as well - as well as his fam! There were some unexpected moments, like impromptu trips from family members that coincided with the date and it was definitely a very stressful thing to pull off, but as everyone arrived at our house, excited, balloons littering the floor and cake on the counter, it was all worth it.

We all kept super quiet as he fiddled with the lock outside (could hear it), silently giggling and when he entered the lounge room, we all yelled "SURPRISEEEEEE" and Si was grinning from ear t ear. I handed him a beer and gave him a kiss, leading him the THIS CAKE:



Bloody amazing. Fondant drone on top. (Batteries not included.) Haha! It was a hit, needless to say. It was so awesome to catch up with everyone and surprise him and show him that we all care so much. We pulled it off!

And in case you are wondering, Simon's bday advent calendar consisted of a couple dinners, some new threads, a road trip I've planned down the south coast, and of course, the cake and party, best of all! 

Have you ever thrown a surprise party? How did it go? Did they find out or was it a surprise? Keen to hear xx

BIG thank you to everyone involved to make it a success xxx What a great night!

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