Scoliosis Surgery - the slow return to normalcy - Part III

I was overjoyed when I was finally told that I would be discharged the next day. The doctors had been so ambiguous about an actual date, time I could leave, and I had been pushing for the Monday. Luckily, I passed my final test (ability to get in and out of a low sedan) and I high-tailed it for the exit.

Being at home for the first few weeks was pretty much like being in the hospital but with Simon, my cat and my housemates. Oh, and my incredibly comfy bed and broader selection of clothes. Gradually, I increased my walks around the block, went out to dinner a few times, but definitely still spent the majority of the time on Netflix and sleeping. 

I've finally received the go-ahead from my surgeon as of Thursday to increase my walking and I can begin arm exercises at 2kg each arm. Have to wait on yoga until I gain a little more flexibility - looking forward to getting stronger again and going on some awesome hikes this summer!

In honour of my progress, I walked to Manly and back to North Steyne, where Simon picked me up so I didn't have the walk up the big hill (legend!).

We decided to drive up the coast for a couple of days and do some shooting, relaxing and exploring. So great to get out of Sydney - it was basically my first big road trip (3hours each way.) Keep your eyes on my travel blog post because that is coming soon!