Dubbo - Trip to the Countryside - Month 6

So for my birthday, Si decided to surprise me with a whirlwind trip to the furthest west in NSW that I have ever been - to Dubbo! It would have to be a quick trip because we can't leave the new kitten for too long yet so we hopped in the car on a Sunday morning and drove west. 


We made it there just in time to catch a beautiful countryside sunset, shoot and fly the drone a little bit before heading around town to have a little wander. Honestly.. not too much to see! Very small town - we ended up at the pub having a couple of drinks and dinner before heading back to our cabin and enjoyed a bit too much organic red wine and had a laugh.


In the morning we got up and headed to to a little coffee shop in town for some avo & toast and literally the biggest coffee I have ever seen! I’ve had bowls of soup smaller than this coffee. But it was delicious - we headed off to the zoo afterwards, hired push bikes and biked around the zoo the rest of the day. We even got to feed the giraffes, which was awesome. The zoo was spread out so much and it seemed like they had sooo much space and everyone that worked there that we came in contact with was absolutely LOVELY. So that was such a fun experience as well!


Short and sweet this month but trying to organise the next few months now! Eager to exit Sydney’s freezing winter. Where to next…?