Sydney Staycay


To celebrate Simon’s departure from the 9 to 5 grind and my 3+ months of recovery and slowly regaining mobility, we decided a city staycation was on the cards. We found the Pullman Quay Grand, situated right on the beautiful Sydney harbour, offering priceless views of the iconic harbour bridge and opera house. Seemed like a no-brainer for a luxury mini-getaway!


Setting off from the northern beaches early afternoon, we arrived at the Pullman with plenty of time to mosey around the harbour and enjoy the views before drinks and dinner. 

From the moment we pulled up, the staff were incredibly friendly, helpful and chatty! They took us up to our room, which was insane: a full kitchen, lounge room that opened up to a large balcony overlooking the quay and the harbour bridge, a huge marble bathroom with a spa bath and the bedroom that also opened up to the balcony, with floor to ceiling glass windows that we ended up leaving open all night so it was like sleeping under both the stars, the sea and the glimmering city lights.


After a stroll around the harbour, we headed back to the room to sunbake on the balcony with a couple of beers, taking a few photos in the afternoon light and getting ready to head downstairs to the hotel’s Cuban-inspired bar, Hacienda, for some snacks and bevvys.

The bar was pretty packed, but not packed like sardines. Regardless, the staff were incredible and attentive to everyone and although clearly under the pump, they breezed around, always nice to everyone and getting everything right. SO rare these days so it was definitely notable!

Obviously, in the celebratory mood that we were, we opted for some rum-based cocktails that were divine - fresh ingredients AND mine had half a passionfruit hollowed out, filled with rum and set on fire. Brought me back to my bar girl days at wharfy where I saw some disasters transpire when you give people the flaming drink. Luckily, I waited for the flame to die before drinking. We had a few more cocktails, and they were very clearly made by excellent mixologists - fresh fruit, excellent presentation. YUM! We had some black bean arancini balls that were super delish and sated us until our 8PM dinner.


Just before we headed to our dinner reservation, we darted upstairs to catch the end of the sunset from our balcony and WOW! Pink, purple skies - didn’t last very long, but we had a view to remember, that’s for sure.


Downstairs, the dining area (Q Dining) was pretty open to the rest of the hotel - the highest ceilings with beautiful ball-lights dripping down. I had the fish of the day which was barramundi with veggies and Si has a delicious waygu steak. We finished the night off with a couple more drinks, a LOT of giggles and a glass of water again on the balcony, before falling asleep with the twinkling city lights. 


Si woke up to check out sunset over near the opera house - I forgot to pack anything remotely warm so I watched it from our balcony and bed - then had a sneaky spa bath while he walked around the Rocks having a coffee or two. When he got back, we hung out for a bit and waited for our room service brekky that we had pre-ordered the evening prior. When it arrived, I think our eyes jumped out of our heads. We had an AMAZING spread - eggs, bacon, mushrooms, fruit, coffee, churros.. yes CHURROS for brekky. To. Die. For. So good!

Not long after brekky and a shower for Si, we headed out for an adventure day, totally refreshed, returning to the city for wings in the evening and then flopping on to our own bed, with the cat, not long past 9PM!