Samoa was expected to be a relaxing, beach and sun-filled trip, backpacking around the two main islands, discovering hidden gems, drinking beers in afternoon storms that clear up just in time for sunset. 

Basically, we got three days of that - absolute heaven, paradise before Cyclone Gita tore the islands to shreds for the remainder of the time.

I was astonished at the natural beauty that Samoa beheld - To Sua was on my bucket list for awhile and is hands down one of the most amazing places I have ever seen/been to. Lucky we were that keen to get there that we went on the first day we arrived!

So I have compiled our (limited) drone footage into a short clip, to try and share not only photos from our trip but now I hope that the video can really bring to life the natural beauty that we saw and show everyone what an incredible hidden gem Samoa is in the Pacific islands.

I would suggest giving Simon's blog a read as he wrote an extremely compelling recount of our experience, both good and bad - an awesome read if you're interested in either our trip or maybe heading to Samoa yourself!