P A R A D I S E. Stepping off the plane in Cancun was refreshing, the hot and humid air felt familiar and welcoming. Everyone was incredibly friendly “Bienviendos, buenos tardes, como estas!” all around. Climbing into a budget shuttle, we were driven to the ferry terminal to go across to Isla Mujeres. A short ferry ride, 2 cans of Sol, a Mexican guitarist and the sun beginning to set in the distance was a perfect way to almost end a big day of traveling. 

Arriving on the island, we discovered that the primary source of transport were golf buggys. Freaking awesome. Hired and drove to our hotel on the south end of the Island, dumped our bags and hit the town. It definitely wasn’t packed but the food was great and I got to practice my Spanish with the staff in the restaurant. 

The next day we drove to Playa Norte where we spent the day frolicking in the crystal clear waters and sinking Coronas on a day bed. We went to a few bars (bars with swings are popular and my new favourite thing!) and had more tacos (obviously!), stayed out past our bed time. 

Only having booked two nights, the following morning we collected our things, explored the coastline in the morning and drove back to the ferry, running into a couple of people we had met before. Since we were all headed to Playa Del Carmen, we shared a cab to the bus terminal and headed south.

A few gems from the island below; I would highly recommend to anyone to head over there but only for a few nights, a two night stay was the perfect amount of time for us.