Singapore was on my bucket list for awhile - ever since I started doing backpacking trips through countries in SE Asia. Why? As a kind of gateway country and a small country in itself, I wanted to see what kind of life it offered. Okay fine, I really only wanted to go to eat seafood and most importantly, swim in the infamous Marina Bay Sands infinity pool at sunset. So when my boyfriend told me that for my birthday we would be going to Singapore and staying at MBS, I was shocked and SO excited.

We flew Singapore Airlines which was great, minus the amount of screaming babies on the flights! When we got off in Singapore and opened the doors to the outside world, the hot, humid around engulfed us. Time to switch out of leggings and a hoodie.

Arriving at the hotel we discovered to our delight that they had upgraded our room to one on the 43ard floor - it was hands down the most luxurious hotel room I've ever stayed in, with sweeping views off our balcony of the botanic gardens and the sea.

Sunset was about upon us so we changed into swimmers and headed up for happy hour, sipping cocktails while the sun went down. Another life goal - tick. It was beautiful.

The next day we spent exploring the flower dome, botanic gardens, cbd and a uni and heading back up for sunset to the infinity pool before slipping into some evening clothes and heading out to eat the infamous chilli crab (after too much wine drank we managed to rack up quite a large bill...) but it was hands down the best food I have ever eaten. Seriously outstanding - but definitely check the prices. Singapore was pretty expensive- not that we were trying to do it on the cheap or not on the cheap but for those adhering to a budget it can blow it out a bit.

Still drunk in the wee hours of the morning we flew to Malaysia for 5 nights (next blog!) and then back to Singapore for one more. We spent the day wandering around Raffles (Hello Prada) and exploring the Art/science museum and generally taking in the vibe of the city on their national day. Streets were closed and packed with Singaporeans in red and white clothes, drinking, cheering, having picnics in the street.. it was an awesome day. And a really amazing trip. Definitely worth a wander around the city for a few days, some beautiful architecture and manicured gardens for some happy snaps.