I love LA. Well, what I saw in the brief time I spent at the beaches.. friendly people, endless palm trees, good food + vibes, colours and not a cloud in the sky. It was a shame that jet-lag kicked in and we didn’t have a chance to sample the nightlife after a few local beers in the arvo, but there is always next time to look forward to.  

We spent the better part of the day gliding around on cruisers, boozing and scarfing as many buffalo wings as possible before retiring to our beautiful beachside loft Airbnb for s long sleep. Perfect way to break up the long haul flights of SYD > LA > ORD > PHL (narrowly missed the random blizzard in Chicago that stranded thousands of passengers!). A day trip to remember out on the west coast.

Hopefully the next trip will include a Big Sur road trip!