Mexico was crazy. It was a crazy whirlwind and we had an amazing time despite the looming rain almost constantly. Met some fantastic people and definitely sampled the nightlife! But also experienced Chichen Itza and went swimming in amazing cenotes (ones where sacrifices used to take place.. too much information for me ) Iā€™m really happy we stayed at a beautiful little garden oasis to begin, from Airbnb then moved on to the hostels as we met people. I think we would have done more outside of Playa if it had been sunnier but we had an amazing time and last night was the first time that I ate anything other than a taco for dinner. 

I am absolutely hanging to go back to Mexico - due to the incessant rain, we didn't make it to Cozumel or Tulum which were high on my list of places to see in Mex. Next time, no doubt!