When we arrived at our remote lodge based on 24 acres of land just out of San Ignacio we were all a bit skeptical, mainly because a lot of us have been eaten alive by mostiquies already. A local guide came by and told us about optional activites but they were all really expensive and not terribly thrilling so a few opted in but we all split for the day. Our tour guide took us trekking through the the jungle to Xunantunich and the ruins there. Different from Chichen Itza we were almost the only ones there, the sun was beating down on us and we were allowed to climb to the top of the ruins! It was a tough 9km hike all up in the heat but well worth it for the view from the top. You can see Guatemala to the west and more temples to the north.

Russ and I took the local bus in to town to have a look around and grab some food that was different from the lodge’s. 

The evening was spent watching tellanovellas on the tiny TV in the common area with everyone and making up our own storylines, having a few beers and preparing for our next day – crossing the border to Guatemala, hiking the jungle ruins of Tikal and journeying to Flores island. 6AM departure and we were off for our big day. 

Top tips

  • Plenty of activities to do around San Ignacio – not necessarily my kind of thing and a bit pricey in my opinion but if you want to go through ancient caves and see skeletons and things like that, go to the ATM cave but shop around for a price. No cameras allowed though!
  • If you’d rather trek through the jungle and climb ruins, take the chicken bus to Xunantunich, the bus is 1-2 quetzals each way and entrance to the ruins is I think 5 or 10. The walk is 8ish km including climbs (thanks Fitbit) and really cool. We saw a family of howler monkeys too including a baby one!
  • Town is nothing too exciting but a few shops and places to eat (and a topless waitress bar if that’s your thing..); make sure you drink sealed bottled water only and I would steer clear of cocktails and ice here!