Seminyak. First stop of our adventure. Exiting the airplane in Denspasar, Lauren and I were greeted by a blast of warm, humid air – I couldn’t have been more thrilled after coming from freezing cold Sydney. Nothing beats warm weather in the dead of winter. Breezing through customs, we collected our bags and snagged a cab to our villa in Seminyak. A little challenging to find, as houses aren’t numbered just named, we eventually pulled up and managed to unlock the gate to our not-so-little slice of paradise.We spent 5 nights in Seminyak in our beautiful villa, heading out on day trips to Ubud and Canggu on two occasions, the other days were spent lazing around the pool, going for long walks in the intense heat and of course shopping. We tried quite a variety of different restaurants around the area, from nasi Goreng to meatball subs to som tum. There was no place that we went that we regretted! Shopping trips were long and resulted in purchases of leather lace up sandals, bikinis, rings and “Bose” speakers (for $10? Hmmm). Lauren, the master negotiator, was able to get some amazing prices for us and we often found ourselves chatting to the shopkeepers for much longer than intended. Everyone is so friendly in Bali we found. We were spoiled for choice in Seminyak, and it was a great experience but a little overwhelming. Definitely looking forward to spending a few days there at the tail end of the trip again.

– BRING ALOE AND MOSQUITO SPRAY!! I can’t stress enough. Within two days I had managed to be bitten over 100 times (yes I counted). So uncomfortable, especially when higher sunburned as well.
– Go for walks in the morning when the sun isn’t so intense. The mornings tended to be a bit overcast with the sun emerging around midday.
– “Morning price” and “afternoon price” are the same. Make sure you get yourself a good deal. Start too low and meet in the middle.
– Traffic is intense and I wouldn’t try to drive a scooter or depend on cabs. Walking worked well for us and was a good way to stretch our legs after exercise sessions at the villa.
– Get accom with a pool, trust me! It gets so hot and you will want to cool off after a long day in the heat.
– Before you enter a cab, make sure it has a meter. Just ask politely and if they don’t, either negotiate a few up front or wave them along!